Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our FL Trip

So, we went to Florida the last week of October.  My intentions were to keep a blog post for each day while we were there and to post daily.  However, the internet connection was not working.  Then, of course, we got back home and the busyness of everyday life took over again.  And well, now, we are a month from our actual vacation.  

Being a month behind also means that I don't remember what happened each day of our trip but luckily that doesn't really matter because EVERYDAY can be summed up with the phrase "We hit the beach!"  We went to a couple different beaches and had some fantastic meals.  We also got to meet up with my (Mindy) Aunt and Uncle who live in Naples.  But the whole purpose of the trip to Marco Island was to have NO agenda and spend time together.

We had the most relaxing time!  It was such a blessing to be able to take a week off and have fun as our little family of three.  Thank you Coyours for allowing us to stay at your place!  Tryg had a blast and LOVED the ocean and the beach!  He could have played with seashells for hours (and he did!)  We went in the ocean and the pool at the condo everyday.  The pool must have been heated to about 85 degrees, which I loved!  Erik and I also found some free movie rental codes and put them to good use each night.  I think the grand total for the week was about 9 movies.  This might sound like a pretty lame vacation (the beach and movies each day) but it was just what we wanted.

Since our 5th Anniversary was during our trip, we also kept our tradition of watching our wedding video that night.  On our actual anniversary, we went to Naples.  We shopped, went to the beach and walked around the city.  Once we got back to Marco Island, we went out for a nice dinner and then finished the evening with our wedding video.  It is fun to remember the people and events of our wedding day and talk about how we were nervous and excited.  We laugh together as we remember that day and all the days that have followed.  I love you, Honey and I'm happy to have spent the last 5 years of my life married to you!


Holly said...

Looks like a great vacation!! I'm totally with you guys... a vacation with the beach and movies sounds like a dream!! Love it!!

Diana said...

sounds like the best to me.....Love Diana