Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Perfect Day for It...

I found it a bit comical that at noon today (in MN) Erik and I were both outside doing things that probably should have been done a month ago (or at least a week ago)....

I was trying to get the last of the leaves off the grass before the first snow. Mind you, the first snow was already in progress at the time. Does it matter that I was raking snow? Last year (you may recall) the first snow was in early to mid-November and we got several inches all at once. We had forgotten about all the leaves that were left in our front yard until the spring melt. We had some raking to do in May. So, this year, we wanted to get them all BEFORE the snow came. We almost made it! :)
Erik was working on another project. He was helping the neighbors behind us put in new windows! Not the best day for making four foot square openings throughout your home. But...this is when the windows came and it's best to get the new ones in before winter is in full force. It was also a good way to test the new furnace they got this week since their last one gave out on them. It has not been the best week for them but we were glad that Erik could lend a hand with the windows. ...Not so secretly, I wanted Erik to get some experience and maybe a little sweat-equity for someday when we get new windows for our place! They are desperately needed.
Well, winter is here in MN. I'm not sure if we'll see the grass again before spring. The wool socks are already out but we still need to buy an extra space heater or two ...remember the desperate need of new windows I mentioned.
**Please note: These photos were taken at noon. It's now just after 5pm and we can no longer see our grass. Welcome Winter :-(

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Carly said...

I have hope we'll see grass again! It might be brown grass, but I think it's supposed to be upper 40's this week. I'll take it! I also was thinking how I was walking around in just a sweatshirt today. If it was March or April I'd be incredibly pleased that it was that warm. Being that it's November, however, I know this is just the beginning. Here we go again!