Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 in Review

I have been horrible at keeping up with this blog (good thing it wasn't my New Years Resolution --or maybe that is a bad thing).  So, I thought I would at least do a review of 2011.  However, this will look VERY familiar to anyone who gets our Christmas letter! 

This has been a great year.  We’ve had a lot to celebrate, some times of relaxing and times of busyness.  Overall, we’ll count it as a good year for our family!

We started the year with a road trip back from Montana.  We ran into a lot of snow and ice but after an extra night in a hotel in SD, we made it back.  Our six month old had a successful first road trip and got to see mountains and a few moose during our surprise visit to Auntie Rachel and Uncle Billy.
In late January, we got to celebrate Grandpa Forbes’ 90th Birthday and Erik’s 30th Birthday.  They are one day shy of being 60 years apart.  We enjoyed throwing a big party in Owatonna for Grandpa…I think he enjoyed it too!

February, March and April were filled with many firsts for Tryg…first foods, standing up, crawling, going up the stairs, first tooth, sledding, and getting into everything!  We are loving almost every second!  He has brought pure joy to our lives!

Winter and Spring were also filled with hours of reading and studying while passing Tryg back and forth to each other and to friends and family.  With Erik and Mindy both in grad school, it made for some busy days and nights.  However, we cherished every moment we could with our little boy and are very grateful to friends and family who helped along the way!  We survived and both graduated in May!

In June we celebrated Our Little Rockstar’s First Birthday!  It was such a delight to have so many friends and family to our home to party in true Rockstar style with a guitar cake and backstage passes.  Tryg also took his first steps in June but really started walking in July.  He’d been running ever since! J

We spent the summer having fun with family and friends.  Erik and Mindy both cherished the free time with Tryg without homework!!  We enjoyed family dinners from the grill.  We went to Erik’s parents’ cabin a couple times.  A few landscaping projects were completed and we put up a new shed in the back yard.  We went to friends’ houses for dinners that turned into family dance parties.  And we finished off the summer with the Steele County Free Fair in Owatonna with Mindy’s parents.

This fall was wonderful.  We had fantastic weather for watching the leaves change and visiting the apple orchard.  Our family enjoyed a nice fall weekend in Appleton, WI while attending Mindy’s co-worker’s wedding.  Tryg sported a dinosaur costume for Halloween and was cleverly called “Tryg-a-saurus-rex” for the day (T-Rex for short).  He was very into the whole idea of taking candy and putting it in his pumpkin shaped bucket!

One of the highlights of the fall was celebrating our 5th Anniversary in Marco Island, FL with our little family of three.  Tryg saw the ocean for the first time and couldn’t get enough of it.  We truly enjoyed a relaxing time on the beach each day.  It was just a joy to have time together without expectations or time constraints.  The weather was absolutely fantastic and we loved it!    

We had a great holiday season and I hope to post about that soon (with photos)!  We hope that you have a fabulous 2012!

                                                                                With Love,
                                                              Erik, Mindy & Tryg       

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