Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring on Our Mantel

It's beginning to look a lot like Spring Time...everywhere we go..... (please sing that to the Christmas song tune just for me)

Anyway, I am LOVING this weather.  I can't believe it is SPRING in March.  I think this time last year we still had 6+ inches of snow on the ground!  With all the signs of spring coming outside, I wanted to add some to the inside of our house.  And, since we have a mantel now (and just realized right now I never posted about it -I think we put it up in late December and I stained and varnished it in January) is the WAY BEFORE and now with SPRING DECOR:
Taking down the old brick shelves that stuck out.
Bare brick fireplace.
Making it level.
We have a mantel now!!  (yes, I did test out the Christmas stockings hung with care)
Close up side-view.
Now with stain --you can ask me about the giant spill another time.
Here it is!
First coat of varnish.
Second coat! (you can also see where the brick shelves were -the plan is to cover the top half of the brick with sheetrock)
Finished! (well, halfway --still needs sheetrock and paint)
Now with Spring Decor!!  :)


Hannah said...

looks great! You have a great eye for decorating.

Holly said...

The mantel looks awesome!! Great job guys!!!