Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer March!

So, again, it's been a while since I posted.  I have not been good at this!  Sorry!!
We found a daycare in a perfect location.  It has been going OK...not great.  Tryg had a good first two weeks.  However, all of a sudden, he started crying every morning while dropping him off (after not crying for the first two weeks).  By the end of last week that stopped though and I have not had a report yet today -Erik drops him off in the mornings.  The last week with Tryg crying every morning has been rough on all of us.  Erik and I are just heart broken.  We don't know if it is just a phase or if something happened or if he doesn't like the new daycare.  He's not old enough to talk about his feelings; so we're just at a loss.  It's a icky helpless feeling.  We're hoping over time everything will even out and that he'll like the new place.  It is hard to get used to new people, a new place and a totally new schedule.  I just wish he could tell us how he feels.

I'm feeling like I am getting a grasp on my new job.  It is not nearly as overwhelming now and I still like it!  However, next week and the first 4 days of April, I have to meet face to face with all 600 juniors to make sure they are on track for graduation.  So, that will be busy but fun too!!
The weather......a.m.a.z.i.n.g.....I love it!!  I am totally in a spring cleaning mood and have loved taking Tryg to the park and being outside!  Tryg loves being outside too!  We have done just a couple cleaning/maintenance projects around the house and I hope to do more.  The camera was not charged last weekend, otherwise, I would have taken before and after photos of our pantry clean out and organization.  Also, thanks to Brad, we have a new toilet in our upstairs bathroom, after a jar-candle fell down and cracked the tank of our last one.  
Of course the box from the new toilet was a big hit!
We finally grilled last night after we did some raking yesterday.  I just can't believe this 'winter'!  I mean, they often say March is the snowiest month...not 80 degrees!!  I even saw a speed boat on a lake by our house this weekend!!  Are you kidding...mid-March in MN with a speed boat?!?  Crazy good!
It's hard to believe this photo was taken just two weeks ago!
I'm hoping to get a lot more spring cleaning and projects done in the next few weeks....this mood does not come all too often (ask Erik).  I need to capitalize on it while I have it.  I just hope I do!  It is getting more and more tempting just to "play" outside instead.

I hope you're enjoying the weather too!!

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