Monday, June 10, 2013

The Nesting Continues (or Begins)

Erik doesn't like the phrase nesting...but I have really felt the feeling of wanting to get things done, cleaned, organized and put away for a while now.  This past week the urge really started moving more into the "action phase." (Less nagging, more doing -- this is what Erik prefers too and it really should be Home Depot's actual slogan.). Anyway, if this isn't 'nesting' I don't know what is!

This weekend we were able to work together and really step it up a notch!  We made a list on Saturday morning...well, Erik did and I added to it (a lot).  However, I was realistic and labeled a lot of my part of the list the "Dream List."  I am very proud to say that we finished all but one thing on the original list (both Erik's and my contributions) and we even got to a few things on the "Dream List!"

Up until this weekend, we really didn't even have a room for the baby.  And, yes, I know we will be keeping him with us in our room for a few weeks/months, but the idea of not even having a nursery was driving me crazy.  This weekend we fixed that problem!  We spray painted a dresser, rocking chair and foot stool, washed all the newborn-3 month size clothes we have (from Tryg), got them all put away, bought a rug, organized the room, hung some 'art,' put together a double stroller and even got a bunch of yard work done in the meantime!

Erik and I both feel like we got hit by a Mack truck...Erik even joked at church this morning that he pretty much only did yard work on Saturday and doesn't remember having a car accident, but it feels like there was a car accident.  We're sore but I couldn't be more excited about how much we accomplished!  I also think the baby's room is pretty cute (even if I do say so myself)!
(Need more on the walls here)
We still have a few things left to put up in the room...I have decor ideas that I'm still working out in my head.  But I can now say he has a I just wish we could say he has a name!

P.S.  The remaining item on the list...."packing the hospital bag."  I'm less than four weeks from the due date now.  I should probably get going on that.

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