Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Name Change and First Week

As most of you know, we like to pick uncommon names that also have special meaning to us.  So, what is the meaning behind Kale's name?

Kale Jackson Peter Molin

Kale \k(a)-le
as a boy's name is a variant of Cale (English) and Karl (Old German), and the meaning of Kale is "free man".  Gender: Boy;  Origin: German Meaning: Free man.
The meaning of Kale is also "faithful".  It is also of Hawaiian origin, where its meaning is "free man, strong".
Kale is a form of the name Charles -which is my (Mindy's) Grandpa's middle name.

Swedish spelling: Calle  Meaning: Thin, slender man.  Form of Karl.

I actually heard the name "Kale" for the first time when I was running an after school program in Lino Lakes.  I've liked the name since then but was a bit scared to use it.  I mean, who names their kid after a vegetable?!  However, we like that it has both Scandinavian and German roots and that it is a form of Charles (my Grandpa's middle name).  We also like that it's unique. 

However, just like with Tryg when Sarah Palin naming her youngest "Trig," now with Kale all of a sudden kale (the vegetable) is the new superfood and we are hearing about kale salads and kale chips all the time.  Of course this made us a little hesitant but we really didn't have any second choices to fall back on --just like with Tryg.  So, we're going with it! 

**Sorry, I can't get pictures to load! No fun!
Jackson -Jackson, MS is the place that Erik and I really started our relationship.  So, we thought it would be fitting as the little guy wouldn't be here if we hadn't started dating!  Erik and I also both have uncles named Jack.  And we also liked that the initials for Kale Jackson are K.J. -which is what 
everyone calls Erik's Aunt Karen.  Now Karen is already calling him "Little KJ" :-)

Peter *this is where the name change comes in* -you might recall in our first announcement we spelled Peter with a "D" (Peder).  We wanted to use Erik's Grandpa's middle name but there was some confusion on the spelling.  Long story short, involving a fire that burned his grandpa's birth certificate, the family determined that he did actually have Peter with a "T" on his record (drivers license at least).  So, we had to make a few calls but we think we caught Kale's birth certificate in
time to make the change.

This last week has been pretty good.  Kale has been a good baby and despite some further problems sending me to the ER for the night one night, I have actually been feeling pretty good.  Emotionally and physically it has been going much better than with Tryg.  I had a rough time the first time and I think I have been preparing for that again, but it's been better than expected.  However, now that my mom went home and Erik has been back at work, I have been bored!  Tryg has been going to daycare because I am supposed to be resting (since ER trip).  However, the extrovert in me has a hard time just staying home with a newborn...so, let me know if you want to hang out and meet the Little Guy!


Anonymous said...

To Lord of the Rings movie fans, "Jackson Peter" has a pretty nice ring to it :) Congratulations on your lovely new boy Mindy & Erik!

Kristen said...

LOVE IT MINDY!! I really want to come over and meet him - and see you!