Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So, we had a pretty good Christmas. We celebrated with Erik's extended family (dad's side) on Sat the 22nd and then his mom's side on Christmas Eve. We had a great time at both parties with family. We managed to score a $1 coffee mug from the gift exchange on Sat. On Christmas Eve we made lefse and had a great meal. Then we opened gifts. Erik's parents are helping us get ready for our trip to Italy this March with money for luggage. We are very excited about it!

On Christmas day we went down to Owatonna for Christmas with my family. We had a nice brunch. We opened Santa gifts and family gifts. There were so many gifts to open, it was crazy!! Kya was literally covered in gifts! Unfortunately, our trip was made short because the Holiday Inn water park we were going to go to was closed because the water heater was out! That was kind of a bummer. However, it was good that we got to cancel our reservation with no charge because during the gift opening at my parents house our camera got dropped --Erik doesn't want me to say who dropped it, so I won't :) We don't know how bad the damage on our wallets will be yet. We're hoping not too bad!! And we hope that we will get the camera back before our trip to Italy in March!!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! And have a fantastic new year! We will most likely be spending new year's eve and new year's day at Erik's family cabin. Maybe we'll even go snowmobiling!

So...sorry again, we will be without photos for a while.


Isaac T said...

Hey, I would assume that you'll be able to borrow a camera if you can't get your's fixed by Italy-time. But if not, let me know. We have a digital camera that we like. If you need it, let me know and I'll ship it up to you for the trip. Just let me know!!!

Natalie, Eric, Evan, and Emmett said...

Your camara luck is just about as good as ours. We are still trying to get ours to work. Sent it in and they sent it back saying it was fixed, but it is back it goes again..Sorry we missed you, glad you had a good holiday. Happy New Year!

lizzbrad said...

Erik and Mindy, Thank you for sharing your Christmas and what is going on in your lives. It was a joy to read as I really don't hear about what is going on in everyone's lives all the time. Keep up the blogging.
Betty B