Friday, December 21, 2007

So, I'm no longer in my 20's

I still have not decided how I feel about that! But everyone has been wonderful in celebrating my Birthday! Erik surprised me with "Flowers for my Birthday Week" on Monday at work. It was very sweet! He got gerbera daisies (my favorite -with tulips being 2nd favorite). They have been sitting on my desk all week. Now there is only one left...the orange one (my favorite again). :)
On Tuesday my co-workers celebrated the December Birthdays with a chocolate fountain! That was very yummy!

Wednesday night we had a bunch of my friends over for Italian food (pizza and lasagna) at our apartment. We had a nice time. Pretty low-key, but very nice to be with friends. Not everyone was able to make it, but that is very understandable. It is a very busy time of year! Thanks for celebrating with me.

Last night Erik and I went to Uptown Famous Dave's with his parents, his sister, Amy, and her boyfriend, Nick. We watched a great cover band and ate some appetizers. Amy was very proud to be the very first to say Happy Birthday to me on my actual Birthday as the clock struck 12! She was actually the first to verbally say "Happy Birthday" and the first to text a Birthday greeting as well (even though she was sitting right next to me) :)

This morning I have already received many Birthday greetings from Erik, friends and co-workers! And I got my free Caribou Birthday drink this morning as well!! Yippee!
Tonight there will be more celebrating with friends! I'm looking forward to it!

Thank you everyone for making my 30th Birthday a great day (or should I say week)!!


Ammers said...

I'm also the last person to have ever taken a picture of you in your twenties!!! lol Happy Birthday Mindy! See you in about 9 hours!!! ~Amy~

Isaac T said...

So even though I live in Moline (the way it's supposed to be spelled) and we don't have Caribou here, how can I go about procuring a free drink card on my birthday? After all, there are necessities in life!!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Mindy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You, Mindy. Love Diana