Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Weekend at the Cabin

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the cabin!
The whole drive up, all I could do was stare out at the trees and exclaim about how beautiful it was!
Saturday was fantastic! We slept in, enjoyed french toast with walnuts and then started our day. Erik went jogging and I road bike along side him. The fall colors were amazing! I wish it was always fall! I love the trees & weather! We saw an eagle on the way back to the cabin.
In the afternoon we (mainly Erik) helped his dad take out part of the dock and the jet-ski lift.
Sunday was a little more cloudy but it was still a nice day to be at the cabin. We helped Randy cheer the Packers on to victory! --I didn't have any fantasy players in that game, so I was able to just watch & enjoy.
FYI- I'm back up to 3rd place now :-)


Natalie, Eric, Evan, and Emmett said...

looks like you had a busy weekend.

Isaac T said...

you guys are so cool!

Mindy said...

Isaac, I'm not sure how to take that statement.

Anonymous said...

ur so cool. how intelligent . what a comment .not