Monday, August 17, 2009

Complete With Party Dress

Last Thursday, we were very honored to be a part of Baby Raina's first outing. Only one week old and she's already hitting the town! OK, mainly this outing was for Kellie (Raina's mom). We had sushi at Akita in Woodbury. Kellie was very excited to take part in sushi since it had been 9 months since she could have raw fish or anything of the sort. It was VERY good (however, I only eat veggie sushi). We enjoyed our time together --even though we had to sit at two different tables. The restaurant actually does not allow you to sit together unless everyone at the table gets the "all you can eat." They are too afraid of people sharing the all you can eat food with others who are ordering off the regular menu. Shane and I do not like sushi as much as Kellie and, we didn't think it would be worth paying the all you can eat price. We thought that was pretty ridiculous, but they were not going to make any exceptions. So, the best we could come up with was that we would sit at two different tables that were next to each other. Yep, we took up 8 spots in the restaurant because they don't trust people! It's was pretty crazy, but the food was really good!

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