Monday, August 10, 2009

Traveling Nomads

This week has been a bit out of the ordinary as we are kind of 'homeless' and we've become a pair of traveling nomads. Erik's Aunt & Uncle are in town and they are staying in the guest room that we have been living in. We had many offers of places we could stay during this week. Thank you for all your generosity! In the end we decided to split our time. We spent most of last week at Bill & Carol's house with their two kids. We had a blast with the kids and spending evenings talking with Bill & Carol. I took three days off work and hung out with Carol. We hit a lot of garage sales, picked up some Craig's List finds and on Saturday, we painted their front entryway and hallway. It had been a work in progress and we decided to get it over with. It was also the least we could do since we stayed with them and ate their food all week! Thanks guys!

On Saturday evening we went with Bill & Carol to meet Little Miss Raina! Shane & Kellie had their baby girl on Thursday afternoon. We were so happy to meet her on Satirday. We brought dinner to them and hung out that evening. Raina is just a little peanut! So perfect, so cute!

Yesterday we spent the day at Erik's parents' (while his family was at the cabin). We caught up on laundry and relaxed...after Erik ran his 12 mile run for his Marathon Training. I biked with him so he could have water throughout the run. It went really well. I'm seriously so proud of Erik! It has been wonderful to see him go for his goal. I can't wait to cheer him on at the marathon!

For the next two nights we'll be staying in the Bethel Dorm! For all you Bethelites, we'll be in AV West with Miranda & Brian. They were gracious enough to let us stay with them and it will make my commute a breeze!

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