Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Babymoon" in Florida!

Two weekends ago we went to FL with Erik's family. We're calling it our "babymoon" because money and vacation time are probably too tight for us to take another trip before this baby arrives. We loved Florida and are so thankful to Erik's parents for taking all of us! We spent time at Sea World, Disney and Discovery Cove. We even got to swim with a dolphin! The weather was actually pretty good for us (in the low 70's). We happened to hit the best weekend in FL in weeks! I'm glad it wasn't 50 degrees or even less when we were swimming with the dolphin!

We spent 15 hours one day and hit all four Disney parks!
(Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom!)
We met up with Uncle Pete and Aunt MaryLou -they took us to Disney!
This is "A Bug's Life"
This one is for Kirk and Sarah! This was Epcot's version of Morocco!
Sea World!
(yes, we were actually there two days before the whale trainer was killed -crazy!)

Petting stingrays. Probably the highlight of the trip...Discovery Cove! And swimming with a dolphin!Yep. Wetsuits.For some reason I look about 8 months along in this pic!Feeding birds:
We had a great time! And loved it! We recommend it...except, maybe take more time to hit ALL of Disney than we did!


Holly said...

Looks like fun!!!!

Diana said...

WOW...Love Diana

damon said...

at least i can say i was half raised in florida .and i'm southern born . well looks like u had a good time .

shane oborn said...

looks like such a fun trip... didn't see these pics til now. good for you guys....