Friday, March 19, 2010

Nursery -Step 1

We got a crib! That is the first major change to the nursery, but we plan on painting this weekend. It's already making it so much more real...walking by the room and seeing a crib! I'm so excited! Nesting is pretty much in full force and Erik is not excited about it. Oh well! He'll be fine.
P.S. FYI -We don't know that we'll actually be keeping the bumper pad in the crib when the baby comes. It's just for looks right now. We know that it can be a hazard. Just thought I'd add that disclaimer.


Anonymous said...

so hes not excited about it huh. the complaint dept is closed till further notice . good luck to ya both.

kirk and sarah said...

The bumper is a hazard, eh? Huh, isn't that if it doesn't fit correctly (tight enough or something?) I tucked ours down past the mattress so that it wasn't loose. But otherwise, Nicholas was bumping his head on the boards a lot in the middle of the night and that's not fun! Anyway... Do whatever you feel good about it. :)

Isaac T said...

Super-excited to see these pictures, Mindy! Awesome, awesome stuff! And the hazard? Shoot, we live in a nanny-state now where everything is a hazard. Common sense and a great biblical foundation is most needed. You guys will be great!