Monday, July 19, 2010

Many "Firsts"

So, I'm a bit behind...but I also have a newborn, so give me a break, right?? :)

Over the 4th of July we ended up going to Erik's parents' cabin. This brought a lot of new 'firsts' for Tryg! First short 'road trip,' first time out of the state, first time at the cabin, first boat ride, first fireworks, first WI bar outing (yes, we're bad parents). Tryg sported his "Little Firecracker" onesie and had a good time with family. Tryg has been meeting tons of people! People at work, family and friends have all enjoyed meeting him and we've enjoyed showing him off. Last week it was special for us to spend some time with Kirk & Sarah and their boys. They are back from Morocco for a few months. We had dinner at Bob & Sara's. Diana came over too! It was great food and great times together. They got to meet Tryg and we got to meet Nico for the first time (since he was born in Morocco).
Ollie thought Tryg was "very funny and very tiny"
This weekend was the Birchwood Street Dance, which brought Erik's whole family back to the cabin...and there were more firsts, like Tryg's first street dance and first Electric Slide. And apparently his first time sleeping while folded in half. :-)
And on Sunday one of my 'old youth group kids' got married. It was great to see her so happy and it ended up being a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding (even with all the storms on Sat. night). Tryg went to his first wedding and also did his first 'mother-son dance.'

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Bobby and Sara said...

He is adorable! I love the "folded in half" comment.