Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today...we closed on our first house! It's crazy to think that we have been home owners for a full year already. Just last night we were talking about our house and the location. To be honest, the house is not located in my 'dream location' but we have found a great neighborhood and have become more acquainted with the east side of Roseville now that we bought our house. The location has provided new walking paths and parks as well. (and we hope our friends have not been too bothered by the 4 extra minutes that it takes to get there) The house has also been good...we've had bugs (earwigs), a duck in our chimney and back up from tree roots in our pipes, but overall, it has been a really good house! We've filled one more of the five bedrooms now...don't worry there are no plans of filling all of them with children. We'll start with one and go from there.
Unfortunately, it was also a year ago today that we found out that Erik's Grandpa Johnny had terminal lung cancer. Right after the closing, I had to cut our celebration short to tell Erik the sad news. He only lived five short weeks after the diagnosis. He has been missed this year. Such a wonderful, sweet man. We so wish that he would have been able to meet Tryg.
We love you, Grandpa Johnny!

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