Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Much Sorrow

Today marks the third funeral for a child under the age of four that I have been to within the past three years. This does not count the other three children I know who have passed away in the same time frame. It causes a lot of questions and so much sorrow. Why would God allow this to happen to these children and these families? My heart continuously breaks for these friends as I just want to find a way to take away the pain, to reverse time and to bring their children back into their arms. I think about them and their children daily, but just feel so helpless.

This week I was driving to work for the first time without my son. My eyes were filled with tears as I thought about leaving him for the day. I looked back through the rear-view mirror to see the empty carseat base and cried even more. Then I thought about the parents of this sweet four year old boy, who had to say their final good-byes today. I cannot imagine the sorrow and pain they feel as they see the empty carseat that once held their son.

I wish I lived in a world without empty carseats.

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Diana said...

I often tell myself that God has saved that child for his own for some unknown reason here on earth, we just have to trust that someday he will tell us. I have two children in heaven. Love Diana