Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baseball Birthday Party

We had a fantastic day for a Baseball Birthday Party!  It was sunny and in the lower 80's.  The kids loved running through the sprinkler!  And I think both adults and kids had a great time.  I know Tryg had a blast!  He loves playing with other kids and he thought it was great for them all to come and play in his backyard (although sometimes sharing toys is hard).  

I really enjoyed doing a baseball theme.  Tryg loves baseball.  He likes Elmo and Thomas a lot but baseball is so fun for him...playing it, watching it, seeing it on TV or pictures, wearing baseball shirts, anything.  So, we had a great time with his baseball party.  The adults even got into the rootbeer, hotdogs, peanuts and cracker jacks!  And with a lot of work, we were even able to have the party on our new deck (with temporary stairs)!!
Thanks everyone for making Tryg's 2nd Birthday so special.  It was great to see so many of our friends and family.  Tryg loved it and has been singing "Happy Birthday to You" all week (today especially... in his crib at nap time and right now as we're trying to get him to go to bed...but it's hard to be upset when it's so dang cute!)

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