Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 4th Everyone!

I (Mindy) took the whole week off and it was great (Erik took off Wed-Fri)!  Tryg and I were able to see friends, Kirk & Sarah and their boys while they were in town from Morocco.  We had lunch with them and were able to chat while our boys played.  Ollie was so patient with Tryg.  I enjoy talks with Sarah.  She is someone who I know cares and will be praying for me and our family.  It is nice to talk about our dreams, goals, set-backs and possibilities.  There is always room for growth but it fun to remember how we got where we are.

On Tuesday evening, we all left for the Molin cabin.  It was fantastic to have five straight days for great weather and time on the lake.  Erik's sister, Rachel and her husband, Billy came to town from Montana.  It was wonderful to see them and spend time with them on the water.  Since it was SO hot, the water was very refreshing!  Tryg LOVED the water -especially jumping to Daddy from the edge of the dock.  He didn't like putting his life jacket on, but once we did, he would leave it on for hours as he'd go back and forth from the water.  He and his cousin, Calvin, liked helping drive the boat too.  Erik's cousin, Courtney, has a son, Calvin, who is just 6 months older than Tryg.  They came up overnight on Wednesday.  Although it's not always easy sharing toys, the the boys shared many hugs and some animal crackers too.  
Uncle Billy
Courtney, Calvin, Tryg and Rachel.
He fell asleep before we got 300ft from the dock.  Out like a light.
Tryg LOVED seeing the deer.  We saw 5 one evening on the way back to the cabin.  That is very rare.
Roasted marshmallow in a controlled environment without mosquitoes.
 (it was roasted on a fire outside though)
This is what happens when you leave the luggage next to the boy in the back seat.
We also enjoyed seeing Dale and Hannah and their girls who were here from Pittsburgh.  Steph came from DC as well and we had a little pizza party on the deck Sunday night.  These days parties seem to run pretty short as kids have early bedtimes but it is always nice to see old friends.  And it was made very evident that Dale has not changed a fact, he now has a 5 year old female version of himself too!  Little Lindy is so her father's daughter.  So fun and full of energy!  We got to meet Miss Ruby for the first time as well.  Tryg loved giving hugs to Ruby!  He's such a sensitive boy :)
We loved getting together with so many friends and family from near and far.  I hope you had a great holiday as well!

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