Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our new nephew, Levi Russel

Today we got to meet our new nephew, Levi Russel Mickelson!  My sister, Jana was scheduled for a c-section on Friday but it seems that Levi wanted to create his own birth date instead of having one appointed to him.  She went into labor late Monday night and went to the hospital Tuesday morning.  They did a c-section and he was born at 12:22.  He's a BIG BOY just like his brother!  10lbs 5oz and 22 inches long.  Just like his mom, when she was born, he's all cheeks. :)
He also looks so much like his big brother, Kaleb did when he was born!
This is Kaleb.
This is Levi.
Tryg LOVED meeting his new cousin!  He could not get enough of Levi and also loved seeing Kya and Kaleb too.  It is so fun to watch him get older and recognize his cousins and have a blast around them.  They live far enough away that he only sees them once every month or two.  So, I'm glad he knows them and gets SO excited when he sees them.  Now he has boy cousins 2 years older and 2 years younger than him. 
Tryg just loves babies (as you can see) but we did have to remind him to be gentle. :)  

Welcome to the world little man.  We're happy to have you in our family!  Congrats Jana and Jeremy!!
Three Siblings
Tryg wanted to join his cousins!

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