Monday, July 23, 2012

Cars with Toddlers

***Disclaimer:  I'm pretty ashamed of this post, but it was so shocking to me, I had to share.***

So for the past year, almost every time Erik got into my car, he said, "It smells like a daycare in here."  Well, last week it hit an all time low.  As I was going to Alex's Birthday Party with Tryg, I grabbed the diaper bag, saw an old sippy in the side pocket and threw it on the floor to replace it with a new fresh sippy full of water.  Well, it seems that sippy was full of milk (at least, at one time, it was milk anyway).  I have no idea how long it was in my car, but it created the worst smell EVER!  It was leaking out of the sippy and it got on the carpet of the car floor.  Some got on my hand too and my hand still smelled after washing it.  I cannot explain to you how bad this sippy was and how much it made my car smell.  I understand that rotten milk is bad...but this one seems way worse than any rotten milk experiences I have had before.  

As a result, it was time to clean out my car....the first step was taking everything out.  Well, I was SHOCKED at how much stuff {junk} accumulates in cars when toddlers occupy them much of the time.  
We {mainly Erik} were then able to vacuum out the car and wash the windows.  
Then we ran it through the car wash at the gas station...of course, it rained less than 12 hours later. :)
***Don't Judge*** :)

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Kirk and Sarah said...

no judging here! hilarious! :) and normal!!!!!!!!! don't worry...