Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Carly's Birthday Surprise!

Yesterday (Sunday -I wrote this on Monday evening) we were able to surprise our friend, Carly, with her "Birthday gift."  She is hard to surprise and even harder to shop for :)  So, this year, we took her on 'an adventure' instead.  First, we convinced her that we were going to help her and Doug on yard work for the day {which we really do want to do sometime soon}.  However, once she got there, we handed her her Birthday gift.  It was a box full of road trip snacks and a note that told her to choose her own adventure as her Birthday Surprise.  At first, she said, "What if we can't wait until a road trip to eat the snacks?"  That's when I said..."That's the thing, the road trip is today!"  Let's just say, she was definitely surprised and it was worth it!

For our adventure we went on the Great Rivers Winery Tour in MN and WI.  We enjoyed driving down the boarder and seeing views of the river, trains, farms and wineries.  Who knew there are so many wineries up here in the mid-west!  The small towns we drove through were loaded with character.  We stopped at a place called The Homemade Cafe for lunch.  It sure lived up to it's name.  Fantastic homemade food and fun old school pie shoppe atmosphere.

We ended up going to three wineries.  My job was to manage the boy {who did really well for being trapped in a car for about 12 hours} since I don't really like wine -I liked the hard ciders a little, but I'm much more into sweet fruity drinks.  This is what the boy did while Erik, Carly and Doug did some tasting.
The three wineries we saw were all very different but nice.  I think we wish we would have hit some more stops but time got away from us.  We were enjoying the slow pace and the views.
We had dinner at Muddy Waters in Prescott, WI which was a great place overlooking the river.  

We enjoyed the day.  We had full tummies and were very tired by the time we got home.  We'd recommend the tour to you!

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