Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun and Full Weekend

This ended up being a very fun filled weekend.  Every evening we try to 'debrief' with Tryg and talk about what we did that day...highlights, who he got to see, etc.  Most times, it's pretty boring, with the highlight being some food related treat --watermelon, freezes, etc.  Yeah, I know.  It's pretty sad.  However, this weekend Erik joked that Tryg has had as much adventure in the last two days as he had in his whole childhood.  Ok, obviously that's a bit extreme, but it was a fun weekend.

On Friday we watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony.  Am I a bad person if I say I didn't really love them?  I feel like I am supposed to say they were amazing, but I really wasn't feeling it.  Just saying.  Anyway, Tryg didn't last too long either and he went to bed.  Erik and I enjoyed some popcorn mixed with Doritos (don't judge until you try it!) while watching to the end.

Saturday started with all of us sleeping in until almost 9am!  I LOOVE it when Tryg sleeps in!  It's FANTASTIC!!  We then went to the Slice of Shoreview Parade.  It was Tryg's first parade and he had a blast.  He's favorite parts were the firetrucks and the clowns.  He also loved getting LOADS of candy!  We have a bowl jam packed with candy and still a half a bag full that didn't fit in the bowl.  It's like Halloween, except they bring the candy to you!  I think we'll try to go again next year! :)
 After nap time (while I painted a bench and Erik cleaned the kitchen and living room)
we went to the main portion of Slice of Shoreview.  The highlight there was the petting zoo.  It's not everyday you can say you fed goats and a camel and saw two kangaroos!  Tryg even fed the animals right out of his hand.  I thought for sure he would freak out having them lick his hand like that but he was a champ!  (side note: how are those animals not just completely overfed and just sick from all the food they get in a day!??)
 On Sunday morning we went to church and met some new people.  We still feel very new at the church and the busy summer has not helped.  It was nice to stay late and talk with people after church today.  One of the regular attenders is an old co-worker of mine.  It's great to connect with familiar faces as well.

After church we spent the whole afternoon at Wabun Park for my cousin's daughter's Birthday Party.  She's just one month younger than Tryg.  Wabun Park is fabulous!  I would definitely recommend it -especially for people with small kids.  They have a free shallow pool with water fountains shooting up and all over.  Tryg had an absolute blast and could not get enough of it.  
He also got to experience his first pinata.  I've never really thought of pinatas from the mind of a two year old before today, but I'm sure it was pretty confusing to see a cute little pink pony being beat with a stick while a bunch of kids just starred at it.  It probably didn't help that they were not actually able to break the pinata open and ended up having the Birthday Girl's Grandpa tear it open and dump out the candy :-)  Anyway, the party was a hit and Tryg was out cold within minutes of leaving the park.  
Happy Birthday Helea!  Thanks for having us at your party!

Then tonight we had Carly over for dinner and cooked steak and corn on the grill (and veggie dogs for Carly).  After dinner we went on a walk through Acorn park with a stop at the playground to top it off.  Doug also met us at the playground.

We finished the weekend with bath time and three story books read by Carly and Doug.  Tryg had a weekend full of fun things and some of his favorite people.  Now, I just can't figure out while he's still awake in his crib and jabbering away.  What do we need to do to tire this little guy out!! :)

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