Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minty Fresh Car?

So I saw this tip online and had to try it out!  Our car's headlights are so "foggy" that they almost look white.  In fact, sometimes we have to turn on the brights just to see while driving in the dark.  So, we gave this a try!
(almost white!)

I bought a tube of the cheapest toothpaste I could find -at Walmart for 97 cents (we use gel toothpaste normally, otherwise I would have just tried ours).  I put it on a dry cloth and started wiping.  After a few coats, I cleaned it off with water.  At first, I was absolutely AMAZED!!!  They were completely clear!  Unfortunately, after they dried again, they were not quite as clear.  However, they are still much better than they were!  So, for 97 cents, I count it a success!  
(This is the final product -after it dried.  Much better!)
Side by side -Before and After
And of course, I had my little helper too!

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Kirk and Sarah said...

wow, we totally need to try this! so it's supposed to be a paste type? not a gel?
thanks mindy, we've been needing to find a solution for this too!