Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekends on the Water

Two weekends ago we had our first camping experience with Tryg!  Overall, it went well.  However, Friday night was pretty bad.  We had a group of storms go through and at a few points, our tent was almost blown flat!  Tryg was literally shaking from fear and water came streaming into our tent from an eyelet that we didn't secure.  Erik was ready to pack up and go home right then!  However, we got Tryg to sleep and the rain let up throughout the night.  

It continued to be cloudy and rainy on Saturday morning but luckily we were with Oborns and Kellie's mom lives just 10 minutes from our camp site.  We were able to spend a few hours at her house -giving naps to the kids and drying our sleeping bags.  By Saturday afternoon we were back on the water on the Oborn's new boat.  We really enjoyed the St. Croix River.  The sun felt great and Tryg had a blast playing in the sand with Raina!  I'm SO glad that the weather cleared up or we probably would have been miserable!

On Sunday we had a little celebration for Raina's 3rd Birthday at our camp site.  Kellie's mom made caramel rolls to go with our breakfast and then we went back out on the water for the afternoon.  Thanks for the camping experience Shane and Kellie!!

Then this past weekend, we went to Erik's parent's cabin.  We enjoyed a bonfire and a couple boat rides and also got the lawn mowed and such.  We had a good time over the weekend even though it was a bit cooler.  I hope that winter isn't coming too quickly!!  However, I LOVE fall!
Snuggles on the Boat!

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