Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Block Party

Last week, on National Night Out, we had our Annual Block Party.  This year they went all out.  There were horses, police cars, fire trucks, duck ponds, water balloons and fantastic food!!!  I was nervous that Tryg was going to be scared of the horse but he loved it!  I think he wanted to ride it alone.  He certainly didn't want me to hold him on the horse.  He wanted to hold on himself.  I'm glad he likes animals and isn't freaked out by them.

It's also nice to live in a place where people know each other and take the time to see how other people are doing.  We have enjoyed this neighborhood and getting to know our neighbors.  The only down side is that most of the people with little kids live on the opposite end of the street.  But we have great neighbors right next to us too!
Tryg absolutely loves the neighbor kid, Logan!  And he is great with Tryg too.  Almost every time we pull into our driveway, Tryg asks if Logan is around.   You can see how much he looks up to Logan in this picture.

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Hannah said...

Ok. that was a WAY cooler night out than ours. Horses?!!! Awesome.