Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lots of Fun --not so many photos....

We had a great weekend, except we forgot to take many photos.  We spent the day on Saturday at Bill and Carol's helping then with their kitchen....or to be more accurate, Erik helped Bill with the kitchen while Carol and I (Mindy) kept the kids from getting hurt or in the way.  This was also the day that Tryg was introduced to vehicles with built in DVD players.  We may have a problem on our hands now!  He practically chanted "Movie in the car, pizza, movie, movie, pizza, movie in the car" all the way home.  Tryg really likes playing with the Skerbitz kids and I think they enjoy him too.  We made it through the day with only a few tears and timeouts in both families.

On Sunday morning, Carly met us and we headed to the Steele County Free Fair (SCFF) in Owatonna!  This has been an annual tradition for my entire life.  And now, Erik and Tryg get to experience it too!! :)  I was told once in my life that it is the largest free fair in the country.  I am not entirely sure if this is true or not but it works for us.  The best part is fair food!  We enjoyed cheese curds, mini donuts, corn dog, burgers, deep pickles, and apple pie.  We opted for the burger with the pretzel bun vs. the donut burger.  Part of us wanted to try it, but just couldn't bring ourselves to buy a whole donut burger just to try it.   We also got to meet up with my parents and grandpa.  They gave us some 'fair tips' and coupons :)

We had to leave by mid-afternoon in order to get to the Daycare Reunion.  Our last daycare, that is now closed, had a potluck reunion at one of the family's homes.  They had a great house with a huge yard for the kids to play in.  The kids really liked being able to play together and it was wonderful to see Jennifer again (the daycare provider).  We had s'mores on a campfire and enjoyed the evening together.

The unfortunate part of the evening was the Tryg tripped and hit is mouth on the patio furniture.  He got a bloody lip and we noticed the next day that he actually chipped the end of his top right tooth!  So....Tuesday we had Tryg's first dentist experience. 
[I'll post about that next] 

On Monday evening we got to see my friend, Katie, who I grew up with, and her family.  They currently live in China but are here for a visit.  Their daughters are three years old and seven months old.  Tryg squealed with delight when I told him there were going to be kids at our house to play with.  They had fun -but sharing is still a little difficult.  We played in the yard, had dinner, went to the park and then went to get ice cream.  I think my favorite part (besides catching up with an old friend) was when their three year old used her reasoning skills and started with, "And since ketchup is kind of like a drink..." before the adults in the car interrupted her with our laughter.  I wish we would have taken pictures.

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