Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tryg's First Trip to the Dentist

On Sunday night Tryg tripped and chipped his tooth on some patio furniture.  At first we just dealt with his bloody lip and thought he was all good, but then the next day, I noticed that his front tooth was actually chipped on the end.  I called the dentist on Tuesday and they got us in that evening.  

At first he wasn't too interested in what was going on at the dentist even though he did perfectly when we practiced smiling and showing his teeth in the light at home. :)  Then when the actual dentist came in she thought for sure he would lose it but he was fantastic!  The dentist was even shocked!  She said he was the best and most calm two year old she ever had.  He didn't move or squirm at all.  He didn't cry or make a peep.  It just laid there.  We were very proud!

She said that the tooth looks ok.  No nerve damage.  She doesn't think there is root damage and didn't take an x-ray because she didn't think it was needed.  She was just going to leave it but since he did so well, she took the time to file down the edges so the tooth wasn't so sharp.  Tryg did fantastic with that part too!  There is still a chance the tooth might die, but we're hoping it lasts until it naturally falls out.  We'll see what happens.


Holly said...

Glad Tryg did well at the dentist! Alex chipped his tooth when he was just a little older than Tryg and he still has the tooth. We were worried that it would fall out, but it never did!

Hannah said...

Nice work Tryg. I was so worried about taking Lindy to the dentist at FOUR let alone at TWO! At least it is a baby tooth.