Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At the Races

This weekend we had a less than 24 hour trip up north and Tryg got to see his first car races.  Randy took, Erik and Tryg, Amy and her boyfriend, Brian, and Amy's friend Amanda and her son, Isaiah to the races in Rice Lake.  We were not sure how Tryg would do and at first we planned on him staying home with me.  Instead, we let him go and then I was able to pick him up when he got tired.  

Well, he LOVED it!!  He made it through 3/4 of the races and then said, "I wanna go back to the cabin."  So, Sue and I came to pick him up [after our trip to Rice Lake Wal-Mart :-) ].  He had a blast!  And the best part for him was that Brian bought him a matchbox car at the races.  He drives it around in the backseat and says, "Bian got this car.  Bian got this car."
Thank you to Amanda for letting us use Isaiah's earmuffs for sound protection!  And thank you to Amy for the cute pics and Brian for the matchbox cars!

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