Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Erik's Early Birthday Present

I had yesterday off of work for Martin Luther King Day.  I knew it was going to be a cold day here so I planned to stay in my PJs and take it easy.  However I ended up having more energy than I thought I would.  I have been so tired these past few months that I never know. So, what I thought would be a day in my pajamas in front of the TV, ended up being pretty productive!

So you know those times when something happens to bring disorder or chaos to a part of your life or physically to room in your house? It can be something as simple as the holidays or a busy season at work, etc.  Then, before you know it, that part of your life or house seems to just end up as a dumping ground and the mess just keeps getting bigger and bigger until it seems completely unmanageable and overwhelming?  In my life, those are the times I just want to hit the fast food places and almost forget  how to actually cook or bring a lunch to work. I honestly find myself asking Erik or friends what I used to cook or make because I have totally forgotten and nothing sounds good or easy to me anymore.

Ok, whoa, that was a major tangent!!  What I was going to talk about was our basement!  Apparently I still felt the need to make more "confessions."  Anyway, our basement has two storage guest rooms as well as our family room.  If you follow our blog, you might remember that this last summer I left the water on in front of our house and caused a small flood in our basement. (you can read about that here)  Well, that was the "something" that happened that caused disorder in our basement.  We had to move everything out of the living room and bigger guest room, including all the clothes we have been given for Tryg (from newborn to size 6!) that we store in the closet of the guest room.  We never really put everything back after the water was cleaned up.  Then slowly, both guest rooms became a dumping ground, and soon they became unmanageable and completely overwhelming!  I mean honestly, they got to the point that we could not walk into them and Erik kept threatening to call the TLC show "Hoarders." 

So, somehow I got the energy to tackle both of these rooms on a day that I planned on sleeping in front of the TV.  I didn't take a 'before picture' of the first room. I wish, now, that I did but, at the time I was, frankly, too embarrassed. However, you can try to picture it in your mind...the twin bed in the after picture was not put together.  It was on its side leaning against other stuff that covered the floor. You couldn't step into the room because the floor was full of stuff from baby toys, baby exersaucers, cushions from our patio furniture, an exercise ball, Christmas decor, our Christmas tree box, storage boxes, to gift wrapping supplies.  Horrible.  Overwhelming.  We didn't even know where to start.  However....here's the "after photo:"
So, this room ended looking so good that I decided to take on the bigger guest room as well (bigger room but smaller mess).  Here are the before and after pictures of that room:

These are boxes of boy's clothes all labeled (now) from Newborn to Size 6.  Depending on whether Baby #2 is a boy or a girl, this may need to change!
I knew that this would be the perfect birthday gift for Erik!  He'll miss out on the chance to be on "Hoarders" but I am sure it is more than worth it to have our spare rooms back!  Now we just need to get through the "office" or soon-to-be nursery.

P.S. I still stayed in my PJs ALL day as promised!

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Carly said...

Both rooms look great! Good job momma. I can't imagine how exhausting it would be to have a 2.5 year-old and be pregnant. Our house is usually a pretty big mess and I have neither of those reasons as distractions. Nice work! Now I can come crash sometime & we can make Cap'n Crunch French toast some morning.