Friday, January 18, 2013

Confessions of a Delinquent Blogger

So, it has been almost three months since we last posted on our blog!  We've also had some major holidays in there that we have not accounted for at all.  So, here is my confession....

First, I usually don't like to write blog posts without photos.  It's not that I won't read others' blogs if there are no photos, but I do think it is fun to have photos of the events I'm writing about.  Our problem is that we own 7 (seven) SD cards for our cameras, yes, seven, and not 1 (one) of them has any space on it for more pictures!  Ridiculous!  I know.  I mean, we have pictures for Tryg's FIRST snow on some of these cards.  He's two and a half now, so this is his third winter.  We have a problem.  And as a result, we have virtually no holiday pics and certainly no pics for our blog.

Second, this is more of an excuse than a confession...I was pretty much sick for the entire month of November.  After coughing for about 2 weeks straight, I was diagnosed with "pre-bronchitis" and given antibiotics.  I still coughed for 2 to 3 weeks after that!  I was pretty drained and missed a few days of work, during one of my busy seasons for my job.  So, blogging was not a high priority, even though I am sure you all wanted to hear about how much I had been coughing that day!

Third, the holidays.  Yep, we all get busy during the holidays but I know most bloggers are excited to post about their holiday gathers and such.  Well, lets go back to "confession #1."  Without photos, our holiday posts would be lacking for sure.  I mean Tryg sure had a blast and looked pretty cute digging into his presents and talking about Baby Jesus...and sadly, most of it is not on camera.  However, we had a great holiday and time off of work.  We enjoyed time with both our families as well as friends.  Merry Christmas everyone! (sorry I'm late!)

Fourth, January....well, remember how November is a busy season at my work.  Well, January is probably the second busiest month for my job (March/April being the busiest!).  I have to award all of the degrees for any student who graduated from Bethel in December and also go through all of the degrees for any student who plans to graduate this May.  That is close to 900 students total and I have to look at all of their degree evaluations individually and manually.  And to top it off, last week I had to miss a couple days of work because Tryg had a mysterious low grade fever (without other symptoms) that lasted six days.  Oddly enough, he was diagnosed with the flu on Friday morning after starting a cough on Thurs night but then was completely normal by Friday night -no fever or anything!  Here I was bracing for the worst and possibly missing more work this week, but he ended up being completely fine.  I'm very grateful for that!  I know this flu bug has been very rough on a lot of people!
***Fifth, and most important...we have been keeping a secret from you!  On Halloween morning, I discovered that we are expecting Baby #2!  We are thrilled!!  But we were also hesitant to share the news right away as we had been trying for a long time and some of you may recall, we had a big scare early on when we were pregnant with Tryg (read a little about that here and here).  Well, we have had our first ultrasound with Baby #2 and so far everything looks normal and healthy (without apparent heart, kidney or chromosomal defects).  This pregnancy has felt about the same as with Tryg.  I have been pretty extremely tired but other than that, it has gone well -with fairly limited nausea.  We hope and pray that the rest of the pregnancy and delivery go well and would love your prayer support as well.

Sorry again for the delay in blogging...I'm feeling much better after getting these "confessions" off my chest. :-)  We hope all is well for you!  Watch for more updates on Baby #2.  We're due July 5th!  As of today (Friday) I am four months along.

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Deb said...

Thrilled for you all! I kept asking your Mom and she would say no, not yet and then I asked one day and she smiled! Congrats, thoughts and prayers!