Thursday, June 27, 2013

Memorable Weekend

I told Erik last night, "I hope I never forget this past weekend."  Not that the weekend itself was that thrilling, but the events and circumstances just make for an interesting few days.

It started Friday evening.  We met up with Carly and Doug to bring Tryg to the Children's Museum for his 3rd Birthday!  He LOVED it.  I bet he could have stayed for 3 times the amount of time we did.  He just loved looking at all the stuff and playing with it all.  He never wanted to leave a room to go on to the next room.  We tried to explain to the 3 year old that there are more things that we can see and do and that we can come back another day.  We ended up getting a summer pass off of the Living Social Deal site.  It's already the end of June but weather-wise, it feels like summer just started!  We'll need to get back a few times over the summer for him to enjoy it!  With all the rain we've doesn't seem like we will risk missing warm sunny days when we go back.

Speaking of weather.... as we went to leave the museum, we saw the sheets of rain pouring down and got emergency weather alerts on our cell phones!  It was crazy!  In downtown St. Paul, the water was just flowing down the streets like small rivers.  Cars were stalling out because of being in water that was too deep.  Luckily, there were skyways to get back to our car.  We took it slow and were shocked by all we saw.  We finally made it home safely to find that we had no power!  

So, we had Tryg's birthday cake (part 2) by candle light.  Then he opened gifts from Carly and Doug and from us.  This was priceless!  Erik had the idea to give him a Buzz Lightyear for a while now.  Tryg talks about it all the time and loves Toy Story!  So, we got it (our big splurge) and we also got a 75 cent Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume to put into the gift bag as well.  With both of the items inside, the bag was a bit crowded and whenever you moved or bumped it, it would activate Buzz' voice.  So, when Erik was reading the card from us to Tryg, Buzz' voice all of a sudden started up.  Tryg had the best look on his face as his eyes were wide and he exclaimed, "That's Buzz Lightyear!"  He immediately stopped listening to Daddy reading the card and proceeded to rip the tissue paper out of the top of the gift bag as fast as he could.  This all happened in the dark (without power) but it was so wonderful!  This is definitely one of the moments I hope I do not forget as a parent!  I know Buzz is just a material possession but it is so fun to light up your child's world every once in a while (no pun intended).  I also know that, as the years go by, it will be much more difficult to make times like this happen.  
Opening birthday gifts by flashlight.
How many people does it take to get Buzz out of his packaging in the dark? :)
The rest of the weekend wasn't all that exciting except for watching our neighbors pull of a graduation open house without power and to try to survive not having power ourselves.  I just think it's pretty funny to think about....Tryg's 3rd Birthday, me being 38 weeks pregnant and our house being without power from Friday through Sunday mid-afternoon!  It caused us to clean out our fridge and freezer and do a lot of added yard work (picking up branches that blew down).  Erik did most of the yard work, but I cleaned out the fridge with my prego belly.  Luckily Carly and Doug had a completely empty spare freezer and were able to take all of the frozen meals I made in preparation for Baby #2's arrival.  

We were also able to get the bassinet up in our bedroom and clean out the car seat.  Still no name for #2.  But with each day, we're getting more prepared.  I hope!  **And yes, I am still hoping the baby is late!  

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