Friday, June 28, 2013

Kid Birthday Party!

This year we did a "Kid Birthday Party" instead of having a bigger bash at our house.  Since we didn't know how things would be going with Baby #2 on the way, we thought we'd take the party 'off site' to The Monkey House in White Bear Lake.  Tryg had been there to play before and loves it.  We thought this would be a great option for us -without having the work of cleaning up our house and hosting everything there.  The major downside to it was that they put a limit on the total number of people we could invite (kids and adults).  However, we were able to invite friends with kids that are about Tryg's age and they had a blast!  Daddy, Papa Jim, Bompa Randy, Auntie Amy and Brian had a blast too --even though they are not Tryg's age. :-)

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us.  It was short notice but we were glad that you were able to join us.  Thank you also for the gifts.  Tryg loves his new selection of toys and honestly plays with all of them almost daily --and I like his new outfits :-)

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