Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Progress in the Yard

Along with my 'nesting' as we get ready for Baby #2, we have also been getting some stuff finished in the yard.  My hope is to get as much done as we can before the baby comes so that once he's here, we can just enjoy the house/yard --i.e. try to survive with two kids and no sleep! :)  

One of the projects has been filling rocks along the back of the house.  When we moved into our house, the back was filled with weeds and plants we didn't like.  We pulled them up every year but they kept growing back.  We also had a LOT of earwigs (really gross bugs) nesting in that area.  So, in hopes to stop the weeds and bugs and to make it a little prettier, we pulled up everything (again) and laid down double thick weed barrier and then topped it off with rock.  Erik has been getting buckets of rock every few days in an effort to rid his co-worker's house of the rock they no longer want.  They are giving it to us for free --it's just that we need to haul it away ourselves.  So, slowly but surely we're filling the spot with rocks (2 to 4 buckets at a time).  A few weekends ago, we added a few plants and also continued the rock/plant bed along the side of the deck.  I think it's starting to take shape!  Just a few more buckets of rock to go!

We also added some different plants from Linders Greenhouse to the front.  I am not very good with plants or knowing what to put where.  I wanted to add a little "height" to the plants in the front --because we apparently killed off the tall hostas we put there a few summers ago.  (see that post here)  Now we just need another couple bags of mulch in the front and we'll call it 'good' for the rest of the summer.  Then I guess we'll see what grows back next year! 
Me and My Sweet Little Helper

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