Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here Goes Nothing...

So, I'm putting this out there just so I'll have more people to keep me accountable. This week I have officially applied and have been accepted into the Masters in Organizational Leadership Program in Bethel's Graduate School. I'll be set to start this September. I'm a bit nervous about going back to school though. It's been a long time. I think it will be great...but a lot of work! The best part about it is that if Erik stays on track with his MBA and I stay on track with this program, we will graduate together in May of 2011. That sounds like forever from now, but we can motivate each other to get through it all. I'm a bit mad at myself because if I would have started the program when I should have (2 years ago), I would be finished already. Oh well, I hope this time I am motivated to go for it. You'll all have to keep me on track and ask me how it's going in September!

In other news...we still have no news on our house or our apartment! I had a bit of a breakdown today as I was realizing that we need to move out in a week and a half and we still have not heard if we have officially been approved to get out of our lease! I called the rental office to see if they had any word on whether my co-worker had been approved to move in or not and we found out that they had not even found his rental application yet. He had put it in the office drop box, where they told him to put it, a week ago!! I was so upset when we figured this out. I have been feeling so unsettled...not knowing if we are moving, when we are moving and whether we are going to get our house or not. Aahh. We need to figure out a rental truck and a storage space...not to mention figuring out when we actually plan to move.

Also, this weekend we celebrated my Dad's 60th Birthday! We met my family at Cracker Barrel in Lakeville on Friday night. We had a nice dinner and my dad opened his gifts. My mom gave him what was quickly named a "money tree." It was a rose bush with some ten dollar bills tied to it. It was the hit of the restaurant. Literally every server in the whole place came over to see it at our table! Kya helped my dad read his cards. I was very impressed with her reading. She just finished first grade and is doing fantastic! She also got a hair cut (for her Birthday in May). I was a little sad to see all of her long curls cut off, but her new hair cut is so cute! (see photos of her long hair at the bottom of this post)
She's a cutie, but she's a little spit-fire!

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