Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Searching, Searching, Searching...and Still Waiting

The house hunt continues.... We're still waiting on the first house (short sale) that we offered on. Many of our 'second choice' houses have already sold now. It has been very frustrating as we continue to hope and wait for this house as we watch other great houses come and go. We don't want to pick something that is not our first choice, but we don't even know if we are going to get our first choice house!

Luckily there are more homes coming on the market these days. So now we have a few more options to look at. I think we'll probably continue to wait on the first one and then go from there depending on what happens. However, maybe we'll see a house we love even more as we're looking!

We also don't have an actual answer on our apartment lease situation. We've been told by one office that it is still ok to move out June 30th, but this has not been set in stone...or on paper. We hope it will work out and we're very grateful to be able to save some money --even though it will be inconvenient (for us and Erik's parents). We should probably start packing our non-necessities soon... so, if we are moving, we'll be ready.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts...I know this seems small, but it has been very annoying to live with so much uncertainty.

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