Friday, June 8, 2012

Bracing for Inspection #2 {Literally}

We're making more progress on the deck...last night we completed everything we needed for the 2nd of 3 inspections!  WE PASSED!  Now, we just need to finish and do the final inspection.  We have a ways to go, but we're moving along now.
Yes, we gave our child a bucket of water to play with while we worked on the deck.
We can't thank Randy enough!  He he has been at our house every night this week working on the deck!  I think we are more tired than him [of course we have to run after a 2 year old all the time in addition to deck building and life in general].  But, seriously, I think he's definitely in the running for Father of the Year Awards coming up next weekend!  We SO appreciate the help and the know how!  We are very excited to have our deck!

**In other news, I forgot the sprinkler right next to the front of the house and left it on overnight.  We found out late last night that the water came into our basement.  I pretty much feel horrible!!  We sucked up a bunch last night and Erik was able to get a crew there today.  I hope. in the end. that we don't lose much money or belongings.  Just a forgetful mistake and now water in half of the basement!  Yikes!

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